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A Children’s Story: Scene 2, Part 2

Read from the beginning over at http://www.jegilman.com “If you were thrown out by your own father, I assume you weren’t much like me then?” Bertram prodded, fascinated that his stoic father could have ever done anything warranting the dismissal by the king. “No, I suppose between the two of you, Blasa has more of my … Continue reading

A Children’s Story: Scene 2, Part 1

Alexis and Bertram entered into the cool, dimly lit tunnels, feeling along the dirt walls with their open hands until they were within sight of the first lantern. There were six between their home and the first entrance to South Ridge and they burned day and night. The other parts of the tunnel that ran … Continue reading

A Children’s Story: Scene 1, Part 3

Please check out www.jegilman.com for more!   Their celebratory breakfast complete, Alexis and Bertram finished their preparations for heading into town for the day. Bertram always found in ironic that Blasa was too much of a hassle to bring with them to town every day, but could be trusted to stay at home by herself. Or … Continue reading

A Children’s Story: Scene 1, Part 2

Bertram made his way outside, moving from the warmth of their house and into cold of the winter air. Though the season was coming to an end, winter had dug its claws in deep this time and was refusing to let go. Thankfully, their home was built as a fort, with high walls surrounding the … Continue reading

A Children’s Story: Scene 1, Part 1

Though I’m working to build up my personal website, I figured I would re-post the “A Children’s Story” series as it goes along. Below is the start of the story, you can read the preface here.   “Happy Birthday, Bertram.” Bertram opened his eyes to the sight of a colorful cake placed before him on the stone … Continue reading

Character Crossover

This past week I received a “save the date” for the wedding of one of my oldest/closest friends. Perhaps because I was just a bit excited to receive mail that wasn’t a credit card offer or Netflix, I didn’t notice the envelope had the wrong name on it. I was just about the pull the … Continue reading

Musical Association

Haven’t been here in a while! (Note: As part of my course this semester, I’m redesigning my personal website. Until the new one is up and running, I’ll be posting entries here again.) Earlier this year I finished playing the Mass Effect trilogy. Glancing over this fact is really hard to do, but I plan … Continue reading

Opening Excerpt from “Tales of Jayrith”

This is a story with no clear beginning and no definite end… It takes place in a land known as Farenia. Much like the world we know, Farenia is filled with trees that grow, birds that sing, and seasons that change. Society is an ever-evolving, complex equation of interactions and understanding. Apples still come in … Continue reading

A Different Type of 10-List

Instead of doing a “Top 10” list for 2011 movies, I decided to make a list that better incorporated all of the movies I saw this year and not just the new ones. I will of course be excited to see Oscar nomination lists when they come out and all that jazz, but for now, … Continue reading

The Whole Reason I Started This Thing

So originally my reason for starting a blog was so I would have a place to post my year end list of movies. One of my goals for the year was to watch 100 movies, and I just barely made it within the last week. I’ll have a post later with some more detailed opinions … Continue reading