Celebrating Birthdays Like Our Parents

It’s a bit of a running joke with my friends that I’m actually English. The truth is I’ve never even been to England, and while my heritage is that of British decent, I’ve traced part of my ancestry back roughly 200 years and they’ve all been either from Vermont or Massachusetts (so I guess you could say I’m from NEW England, hah.) That said, the joke is that I’m not “patriotic” or “supporter of America” and would rather we still be under British rule. Sometimes I like to point out that besides visiting Canada a few times (which is really just a large extension of the USA) I’ve never actually left the country, so my dedication to our great nation actually makes me more of a patriot.

But I digress.

Tomorrow we celebrate the independence we won and the “birthday” of our nation. People will drink beers and talk about how great our country is, parades of our fine military troops, politicians, and the local flavor will take over the streets, and in the evening (at least here in Boston) people will flock to the riverbanks to listen to an orchestra perform while we watch a display of fireworks overhead. It all sounds pretty British to me actually.

After thinking about it some more, I imagine it’s what a lot of people would love for their birthday: lots of alcohol, live music, fireworks, and people saying how great you are.

Happy Birthday USA.


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