A Respect For Full Albums

Now time for my obligatory music post! I wasn’t actually sure what to write about for this considering I haven’t really seen any concerts lately (read: years), or really picked up anything that was remarkable. That of course will change when William Shatner releases his new album “Searching for Major Tom” later this year, but until then I had to look back at the music I already have. I decided to focus on albums, complete albums, that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. In no way would I consider these artists to be my favorites, but I have to give them credit for creating albums that I can listen to, completely through, and sing along with every song. It was surprising, going through my library, how few albums I have where every song I’m like “that song is awesome”, and it really speaks to how even my favorite bands don’t always seem to get the magic formula correct.

Below are the 5 albums I chose as my top albums. Interesting enough, 4 out of the 5 are ones I own physical copies of, if that says anything about the music industry…

Snow Patrol – Final Straw

Notable Song – Grazed Knees. It seems like everywhere I turn nowadays I can hear a Snow Patrol song (most recently for me was in the movie “The Nines”), but when I first picked up “Final Straw” there were very few people I knew that had ever heard of them. The first song of their’s I listened to was “Whatever’s Left”, it was part of sampler that came with my first mp3 player, and I was captivated right away. The song “Grazed Knees” captures the softer side of Snow Patrol that I’ve now come to love, and while they still have great singles, I still haven’t been able to get through their newer albums all the way without skipping a song.

The Kooks – Inside In / Inside Out 

Notable Song – She Moves In Her Own Way. The Kooks came about for me through my friend Laura on a trip one time to Montreal. Laura always had great taste in music, and when she played “Naive” by The Kooks in the car, it was instantaneously a hit for me and my best friend Markley. When we got back to the states, we picked up their album “Inside In / Inside Out” and started going through each song. “She Moves In Her Own Way” is just a fun little song by the band that really captures their spirit. Again, like Snow Patrol, I’ve enjoyed other singles The Kooks have put out, but their other albums just seem to pale in comparison.

The Caesars – Paper Tigers

Notable Song – We Got To Leave. The music video is in no way official, but it’s kind of funny. I found out about The Caesars probably the same way anyone has ever heard of them, through the re-mix single of their song  “Jerk It Out” (yes that one). I’m not sure what I was expecting when I bought their album but I was surprised to find that not all the songs sounded like the single. I actually find it to be one of the weaker songs on the album as a whole. I haven’t really listen to any of their other works, but I’m actually fine with that because it makes this album more of a gem.

Spin Doctors – Pocket Full of Kryptonite

Notable Song – How Could You Want Him. One of the great albums released during the 90s (5x platinum seller), this was actually one of my parent’s albums, but like most people I fell in love right away with songs like “Two Princes” and “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues”. Over the years I began listening to more and more of the songs on the album until I found myself just listening to it end to end, back to back, sometimes days in a row. Their song “How Could You Want Him” is a great example of their songwriting and I admit I was really hooked by the line referencing Rozencrantz and Guildenstern, two of my favorite literary characters (I thank my first girlfriend for introducing me to “Rozencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead” even though we only saw half of the theatrical performance).

Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticism

Notable Song – A Lack of Color. To be honest, I’m not really a Death Cab fan. They have a single or two I enjoy, but for the most part I just don’t seem to be able to get into them. A few years ago I heard my roommate covering their song “Expo ’86” and thought maybe I should give them a second chance. I got a copy of the album “Transatlanticism” and was really impressed with the original “Expo ’86” and their song “The Sound of Settling”, but besides that I still didn’t like the album. Now the album has become a little personal for me: I’ve been listening to it while I’ve been doing my job search these past couple of months and it’s been a great way to let my mind get into the music and relieve a little of the stress. The album really has a done a great job of growing on me, so my hats off to it for that.  I still will never be a real Death Cab fan, but I will admit that when I look back on my past, hearing songs from this album will remind me of the summer of 2011 and when I (hopefully) got my first real career job. “A Lack of Color” is also just a great way to end an album.



Tell me Internet world, what albums always capture your full attention?


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