Musical Association

Haven’t been here in a while!

(Note: As part of my course this semester, I’m redesigning my personal website. Until the new one is up and running, I’ll be posting entries here again.)

Earlier this year I finished playing the Mass Effect trilogy. Glancing over this fact is really hard to do, but I plan to make that a post all on its own later. ANYWHO. At some point in the hours after my accomplishment, I heard Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl”. As is common for some (most?) people, my brain started to create a musical association between that song and Mass Effect. Now the song gets itself stuck in my head every time I think about Mass Effect, which occurs more often than I would have expected. Oddly enough, I haven’t heard the song on its own since…

My true fear, of course, is the same one that befell T-Rex:

Also, during a bout of boredom during the first week of my course, I made a crude music video featuring a loop of Grunt dancing to the song. If you somehow missed me posting it earlier this month, well then today is your lucky day! You can watch it over yonder on The Youtubes:

Boy that Krogan can dance.



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