A Different Type of 10-List

Instead of doing a “Top 10” list for 2011 movies, I decided to make a list that better incorporated all of the movies I saw this year and not just the new ones. I will of course be excited to see Oscar nomination lists when they come out and all that jazz, but for now, … Continue reading

The Whole Reason I Started This Thing

So originally my reason for starting a blog was so I would have a place to post my year end list of movies. One of my goals for the year was to watch 100 movies, and I just barely made it within the last week. I’ll have a post later with some more detailed opinions … Continue reading

While I’ll Hate to Admit It, I Pick You, Mr. Wayne

I have a somewhat strange relation when it comes to comics and comic book heroes. Despite the fact that I’m a huge fan of mostly Marvel characters and stories, I’ve never actually read a comic. Strange, I know.   When I was younger, I visited the orthodontist on a pretty regular basis. Unlike most people … Continue reading