The One In Which I Talk About TV Shows

I’ve missed the last couple of weeks as far as posts go. I originally was hoping to post some good news a few weeks back, but things fell through, and then last week was a bit crazy as far as scheduling goes. And now, here we are!   This week is brought to you by … Continue reading

While I’ll Hate to Admit It, I Pick You, Mr. Wayne

I have a somewhat strange relation when it comes to comics and comic book heroes. Despite the fact that I’m a huge fan of mostly Marvel characters and stories, I’ve never actually read a comic. Strange, I know.   When I was younger, I visited the orthodontist on a pretty regular basis. Unlike most people … Continue reading

A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock n’…I Mean City

I’ve spent the last week with my time split between southern Maine and Vermont, ┬áthe quintessential places of my childhood. One is my home, the other the most common vacation destination for my family. It felt good to be out by the ocean or back in the woods and it strengthened my feelings for moving … Continue reading

A Respect For Full Albums

Now time for my obligatory music post! I wasn’t actually sure what to write about for this considering I haven’t really seen any concerts lately (read: years), or really picked up anything that was remarkable. That of course will change when William Shatner releases his new album “Searching for Major Tom” later this year, but … Continue reading

Excerpt #1

I promise to do an actual post within a few days. I’m thinking something music related, just because it’s a rite of passage for any musician to write about music. For now though I wanted to post part of something bigger I’ve been working on. I started an idea in high school for some fan-fic, … Continue reading

Celebrating Birthdays Like Our Parents

It’s a bit of a running joke with my friends that I’m actually English. The truth is I’ve never even been to England, and while my heritage is that of British decent, I’ve traced part of my ancestry back roughly 200 years and they’ve all been either from Vermont or Massachusetts (so I guess you … Continue reading

And I shall call it: “First Entry”

There are a pair of boots sitting outside the door of the first apartment in my hallway, which have never moved in over two months. This will become relevant later on. To be honest, my only thought for starting a blog was to have some place to post my list of movies at the end … Continue reading