A Children’s Story: Scene 1, Part 3

Please check out www.jegilman.com for more!   Their celebratory breakfast complete, Alexis and Bertram finished their preparations for heading into town for the day. Bertram always found in ironic that Blasa was too much of a hassle to bring with them to town every day, but could be trusted to stay at home by herself. Or … Continue reading

A Children’s Story: Scene 1, Part 2

Bertram made his way outside, moving from the warmth of their house and into cold of the winter air. Though the season was coming to an end, winter had dug its claws in deep this time and was refusing to let go. Thankfully, their home was built as a fort, with high walls surrounding the … Continue reading

A Children’s Story: Scene 1, Part 1

Though I’m working to build up my personal website, I figured I would re-post the “A Children’s Story” series as it goes along. Below is the start of the story, you can read the preface here.   “Happy Birthday, Bertram.” Bertram opened his eyes to the sight of a colorful cake placed before him on the stone … Continue reading